Organic Farming / Agriculture

Organic Farming is an option agrarian framework which started ahead of schedule in the twentieth century in response to quickly changing cultivating rehearses. Natural farming keeps on being created by different natural agribusiness associations today. It depends on manures of natural birthplace, for example, fertilizer, compost, green excrement, and bone feast and places accentuation on methods, for example, crop turn and buddy planting. Organic nuisance control, blended trimming and the cultivating of creepy crawly predators are energized. When all is said in done, natural guidelines are intended to permit the utilization of actually happening substances while disallowing or entirely constraining engineered substances. For case, normally happening pesticides, for example, pyrethrin and rotenone are allowed, while manufactured manures and pesticides are by and large precluded.

  • Organic farming systems
  • Organic farming methods and standards
  • Socio-economic empowerment through agro-ecology
  • Organic Farming vs. Conservation Agriculture
  • Organic farming economics
  • Seed breeding
  • International federation of organic agriculture movements (IFOAM)

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